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                        fascinated by/with...

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                        Some language commentators, Bernstein 1965 and Phythian 1979 among them, have noted that when fascinated is used with a preposition, by is limited to a human fascinator, while with signals a nonhuman fascinator. Our evidence shows that the situation is not so simple. First off, fascinated is more often used with by than with any other preposition, and by can take as its object either a human or nonhuman fascinator:

                        Alice began to be fascinated by her, and to wonder what she was thinking about —George Bernard Shaw, Cashel Byron's Profession, 1886

                        ... I continued to be fascinated by the Senator and especially his two assistants —Ernest Hemingway, "African Journal," 1956

                        She was at once fascinated and repelled by the dis­closures —Herman Wouk, Marjorie Morningstar, 1955

                        The truth is that in common with most of us, he is fascinated by pornography —Norman Mailer, Advertisements for Myself, 1959

                        Used less frequently, fascinated with does seem to occur only when something nonhuman is indicated:

                        ... a more general German tendency to be fascinated with power —Talcott Parsons, Psychiatry, February 1945

                        The male, of course, has long been fascinated with combat —Vance Packard, The Sexual Wilderness, 1968

                        Nonhuman objects are also the rule in the scattered examples we have of the use of fascinated with at, in, over, or to and the infinitive:

                        He was fascinated at the thought of what the day meant to Grant —Sherwood Anderson, Poor White, 1920

                        ... he became fascinated in the detailed lineaments of what he claimed to find oppressive —Richard Poirier, A World Elsewhere, 1966

                        He can become more fascinated over the fact that a stream is named "Donner and Blitzen River" — Richard L. Neuberger, N.Y. Times, 27 July 1952

                        I was fascinated to hear Mr. Harrington equate power with the status quo —Henry Steele Comma-ger, Center Mag., July/August 1971

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