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                        New university students get advice on safety

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                        SHANGHAI: Thirty thousand new students at 35 universities here will each receive a booklet listing possible security risks they might face during their first time away from home.

                        The 30-page booklets are divided into five categories - theft, fraud, robbery, sexual harassment, and drugs. They provide information and tips on how and where to seek help, and what to do and not do.

                        Students are reminded to watch their bags in public places, avoid areas that are seemingly unsafe, lock their dormitories, and buy good locks for their bicycles.

                        Female students are advised to report sexual harassment, and not to wear revealing clothing.

                        "University students, especially freshmen, are prime crime targets," an official with the Shanghai municipal public security bureau said

                        The city's university campuses last year reported about 3,000 cases of crime.

                        In 2006, 19-year-old Wang Yang was fatally stabbed when he caught a man named Wei Fenghua stealing his mobile phone at Fudan University's Songjiang campus.

                        Wei Fenghua was later arrested, convicted of murder, and executed in January.

                        A gang of three was recently arrested for having allegedly posed as rich businessmen to swindle female university students. One of them even told a student he was the son of wealthy Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-shing.

                        He told the student he would be receiving some money, and as he did not have a bank account in Shanghai, could he use her account.

                        The student fell for the ruse. She gave the man her bankcard and password. She lost 1,500 yuan ($220).

                        "University students from Shanghai are generally very cautious, because they read a lot about such crimes in the newspapers," the official said.

                        "It is students from other areas who fall prey to such crimes," he said.

                        The booklets have been compiled based on the most common crimes occurring on campuses, he said.

                        "Shanghai police have carried out numerous anti-crime campaigns in recent years, and this year the focus is on university campuses," he said.

                        All new students will have to attend four briefings by police officers on security measures.

                        Jerry Zheng, 22, who is from Anhui province and is attending Shanghai International Studies University, said the booklet will be helpful.

                        "Most of us are still immature and vulnerable to danger," he said.

                        "A booklet warning us of the dangers and how to protect ourselves will no doubt help."

                        However, not all students were in agreement.

                        Lucy Chen said: "I doubt any student will be really interested in reading the booklet.

                        "Most students are careful only after falling victim to a crime."(By Cao Li--

                        China Daily)

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