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                        1.特征:young  funny  tall  strong  kind  old  short  thin  strict  smart
                                         active  quiet  (very)
                        2.星期:Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday
                        3.活动:do  homework  watch TV  read books  
                        4.菜类:cabbage  pork mutton  eggplant  fish  green beans  tofu  potato  tomato  
                        5.味道等形容词:tasty  sweet  sour  fresh  salty  (favourite fruit  grape)
                        6.家务事:empty the trash    cook the meals    water the flowers    sweep the floor
                                          clean the bedroom     make the bed      set the table      wash the clothes
                                          do the dishes       use a computer
                        7.房间,家具:bedroom  kitchen  bathroom  living  room   
                                               room curtain trash bin closet        mirror  end table  air-conditioner
                        8.方位介词:in  on  under  near  behind  clothes
                        9.景物: river  flower  grass  lake  forest  path  park  picture  house  tree  bridge  
                                           road  building  clean  (sky  cloud  moutain  air  village  city)
                        1.-Who's your art teacher/principal?     -Mr Hu.
                        2.-What's he like?   -He's short and thin.
                        3.-What day is it today?   -It's ...
                        4.-What do we have on Mondays?    -We have...
                        5.-What do you do on Saturdays?    -I often do my homework.
                        6.-What would you like for lunch?   -I'd like ...
                        7.-Where is the trash bin?      -It's near the table.
                        8.-Is this your bedroom?     -Yes,it is.
                        9.-Is she young?     -No,she 's old.
                        10.-Can you do housework?   -Yes,it is
                        1.I'm helpful. I can sweep the floor.
                        2. There is a forest in the nature park.
                        3.There are many houses in my village.
                        4.It's tasty. It's my favourite

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